About Us


About Noah's Ark Pet Shop...

 Noah's  Ark started in 1973 in the White City Shopping Center in Shrewsbury, by  Paul aka Noah.  It was his vision to offer the best selection of  quality products that were available, at a reasonable price.  In  1987 Noah's Ark opened its second store in Sturbridge with the same  vision that made the Shrewsbury store stand out as one of the top pet  shops in the industry.  In 2000, when Paul retired, the Shrewsbury store  closed.  Today, the Sturbridge store is managed by Paul's wife and  business partner, Sandy, aka Mrs. Noah.  In keeping with the vision of  over 45 years ago, Noah's Ark continues to maintain the vision today by  offering the best advise, products, and knowledge to all that visit the  store.  Please visit our 5000 square foot store to browse for your pet  supplies.   Our helpful and friendly staff await your visit. 

Why I'm the best

 I help the humans by taste testing  the latest chew toys and doggy biscuits and treats.  I love the great  selection of both grain free and grain nutritious treats that my master  brings home especially for me. 

My Favorite Quotes

 To err is human; to forgive, canine. 

 Love is a four-legged word. 

 Life is ruff. Get a pet.